Getting Started

Creating a Client

You can choose to enter as little or as much information as you want into the system. However one piece of information you will definitely need is a "client".

If your business will not have a traditional client, you are encouraged to enter yourself as a client and all data will be stored as if you are the client. 


If you do not see the gold box on your screen, you can add a client via expanding the CUSTOMER CARE menu on the left and clicking on Clients, then using the drop down blue button on the Clients screen to choose New Client.

Adding a Client


While not everything shown on the New Client screen is required, it is recommended you fill in as much information as you can.

  • Client Name (required) - The name of your client such as a full name i.e. Bob Smith or if your client is a business you can enter the business name.
  • Address (required) - Address information is used for billing purposes, and if your business is mobile and you physically go to your customer it can be used to map directions to reach your customer.
  • Phone (required) - A valid number, we recommend using a Cellphone number if available as the system can send text alerts. Only enter numbers with no symbols or spacing. Formatting will be added to the number if and when it is needed.
  • Email (required) - A valid contact email address, certain communications the system sends out will go to this email address.

Clicking Create will create your client and return to the Clients screen.

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