Getting Started

Access the Clients Screen

The Clients screen is accessible via the Dashboard, and the side menu. Expand the Customer Care menu and click on Clients.


The clients screen presents a list of all of your customers, which can be filtered, and sorted to suit your needs..

At the top of the screen you have a search feature on the right, and on the left you have two buttons to access more features relating to this screen.

The first button with one dropdown symbol allows you to:

  • New Client - Create a new client via a popup screen.
  • Favourites - Filter the list to show only customers that have been flagged as a "favourite" this is a way to access a priority list of customers quickly and easily.
  • Download CSV, XLS - A simple way to download a list of your clients for use in any program that can use CSV or XLS formats such as word or excel.
  • Import - Allows you to import your client list from a CSV file.
  • Active - Shows all active clients (default)
  • Archived - Shows all archived clients.
  • Trash - Shows all clients that you have sent to the trash folder. These clients can still be restored until you choose to permanently delete them.

While the second button allows you to change the sorting setting for the screen to sort the data by name, customer duration and city.

If your business will not have a traditional client, you are encouraged to enter yourself as a client and all data will be stored as if you are the client. 

Viewing a Client

To view a client you have created simply use the Clients screen and then click on the Client Name it will indicate it is clickable by showing up in a different colour.

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