Getting Started

Navigating the Pet Screen

The Pet screen is accessible from the Pets screen 1, as well as the Client screen 2 and is used to review and edit Pet information and perform certain tasks and use pet related features.


The top of this screen will contain a picture/icon for the pet, which can either be an actual picture you uploaded or an automatically generated icon.

If webcam use is activated for your license you can click the picture to either upload a new webcam captured image or a stock photo you may have available. 

Next to the icon you will have some basic contact information for this pet, such as Name, Species/Breed and Owner (owner is clickable and takes you to the client page).

To the right you will have a series of buttons, the buttons that are displayed may depend on features you have turned on but in general they are as follows:

  • Heart - Favourite or un-favourite this pet. Allowing them to show up in the Favourites heading of the Pets screen.
  • Archive - Archive this pet, if they are no longer active.
  • Delete - Delete this pet, if they are no longer active.
  • Restore - After archiving or deleting there is a restore button to recover the pet to active status or archived.
  • New - Quickly create a new appointment or pet related charge.
  • PDF Download - Download a CSV or PDF file representing this pet.

Below the bank of buttons are several tabular headings, the default is Edit.

  • Primary - Default screen, allows you to edit the basic information for this pet.
  • Medical - Allows you to edit some basic medical related details for this pet.
  • Log - A log showing appointments and tasks performed to this pet or on behalf of this pet.
  • Custom - A place to input customized pieces of information relating to this pet.
  • Files - Lets you view files you have uploaded to this pet, and upload new files as necessary.

Edit Pet


The more information you can fill into this screen the better. 

At a minimum we recommend you complete:

  • Name 
  • Breed 
  • DOB 
  • Weight



With this tab you can read and edit certain medical related pieces of information. None of this information is required, so it is entirely up to you whether you decide to fill it in or not. 



A full list of tasks and billable events performed to/for this pet. 



Click Open to view the pet screen for each of this clients pets. 



Lets you view files you have uploaded to this pet, and upload new files as necessary. 

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