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As the saying goes ... "time is money" and with the Core Animal Care Scheduling system you can ensure you are maximizing your time and profits.

Accessing the Calendar/Schedule Screens

The following methods can be used to access the Calendar.

  • The Tools menu accessible to the right of the SEARCH bar in the top menu. Click on the 9 grid square icon and then choose Calendar.
  • From a Pet screen click the NEW drop down and choose Calendar/Appointment. After entering a new appointment it will redirect you to the Calendar.


The Calendar is a standard calendar that you can view either in Month, Week or Day formats to suit your own personal/business needs.

  • Month - Shows a partial breakdown of events. You may be missing some information in this view. However you can still click on individual events to edit them, and you can still click on a date to add new events.
  • Week - Shows a more detailed breakdown of daily events for a given week. You can click on an event to edit it, or you can click on a date to add new events.
  • Day - Shows the most detailed breakdown of events on a specific day. You can click on an event to edit it, or you can click on a time slot to add new events.

Adding an Event/Appointment/Charge

Whether you are adding an Event, Appointment or Charge the "add" screen is fairly similar.


Clicking the advanced/cog button may expand the fields you can add still further.


When adding a new date through the Pet screen the Client and Pet boxes will be hidden and have already been automatically filled with the current selection from the Pet screen to save your time.

What do all these choices mean?

Here is a brief explanation of this screen:

  • Auto Fill - Allows you to prefill this screen with some convenient choices. Saving you time.
  • Start Time - The time the appointment is scheduled to begin.
  • End Time - Optional, but useful if you are billing by the hour.
  • Description - What this appointment or event is for. For example "Nail Trim".
  • Employee - Where available, you can choose the employee that will be performing the task.
  • Client - Where available, you can pick the client that the event or appointment relates to.
  • Pet - When a Client is chosen the Pet selection box appears allowing you to select the specific pet that this date relates to.
  • Color - Optional, you can customize the color events appear on the calendar.
  • $ Fee - Optional, appears when the COG button is clicked. For billing purposes you can enter the $ cost of the appointment, charge or relating event.
  • Reminders - Optional, you can set the system to send out an email/text reminder on the same day, three days ahead or a week ahead.
  • Add as Repeating Event - Optional, in certain situations you may want to schedule a client for a follow up or recurring event. Such as a regular groom or nail trim. You can duplicate this event as a repeating event and choose additional options by setting this drop down box to Yes.
  • Add Date - Clicking this button adds your event to the Calendar. The screen will refresh and the current date window will display.

Additional Features

The Calendar screen allows you to search for a specific date, or cycle through the displayed view using the < and > arrow buttons at the top of the screen.

You can also click the built in print button to print the displayed calendar view.

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